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The husbandry of wild animals is prohibited by law. Our animal sanctuary offers a second chance to wild animals.


About 350 wild animals live in our shelter. All of these beautiful creatures are former pets. Keeping wild animals is prohibited by law. Many of these animals had a very sad life in very small cages, chained, fed improper food, under constant stress, without veterinary care and in the dirt. Many of these poor animals were rescued by the government, others were given voluntarily by people who understood that a wild animal is NOT a pet.

In our sanctuary, the animals get a second chance at life in a suitable place with good food, in spacious enclosures with living plants and contact with other animals. AFASI does everything possible to give good care and love to our charges.



We at AFASI do everything in our power to ensure that these beautiful creatures have an appropriate habitat available to them. In spacious enclosures with living plants and contact with conspecifics they get their second chance. We treat our protégés with good care and lots of love, so that as far as possible nothing has to remind them of their past.

In the sanctuary live about 320 wild animals. Among them are five species of monkeys, two species of tortoises, aswell as two species of wild boars, various parrots, coatis three species of cats, foxes and weasels.

In our lagoons we have set free many water turtles and spectacled alligators. In our jungles and savannas we have settled many sloths, opossums, raptors and owls, armadillos, constrictors and many more reptiles.

The monkey island, specially built by AFASI, is 1500m2 in size and surrounded by water. Here many capuchin monkeys have found a home and enjoy a new standard of living in nature.

Image by Waren Brasse

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