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ANIMAL PARK is the wildlife refuge of AFASI. Flora and fauna can be admired on 44 hectares.

ANIMAL PARK is the wildlife refuge of the AFASI Foundation. The 44-hectare sanctuary park with pure, untouched nature has about 23 spacious enclosures with about 350 wild animals.

The AFASI ANIMAL PARK is open to visitors. Our goal is to provide an insight into the flora and fauna of the nature reserve park, in order to raise awareness among those interested about the need to protect our wildlife and our environment.

Our guides enjoy showing groups of visitors the wildlife of the Santa Cruz tropics and sharing their knowledge of the local flora and fauna.

Nature lovers can see cats such as pumas, ocelots or ocelots, four species of monkeys, parabas and parrots, wild boars, foxes, land and water turtles, lizards and badgers. All these wild animals in captivity were handed over to AFASI either by the authorities or voluntarily by private individuals from illegality and trade. These animals have been given a second chance at a better life in suitable enclosures.

The surrounding area offers hiking trails, lagoons and extensive marshlands.


With the ANIMAL PARK we want to create awareness for the environment and wild animals. Above all we want:

  1. That visitors get to know, understand and appreciate the flora and fauna of the tropical lowlands of Bolivia.

  2. Provide insight into what we do, how we give wild animals a second chance for a better life in a species-appropriate environment.

  3. Offer knowledge transfer aimed at local environmental protection and especially with our younger generation of visitors.



Image by Waren Brasse

Support AFASI

A large part of the Animal Park area cannot yet be used as it should for financial reasons. Since we do not receive any money from the state, we are dependent on external support.

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