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Academia de Medio Ambiente (AMA)

The threat to wildlife and the environment can only be prevented if a change in thinking takes place among the Bolivian population. The AMA should lay the foundation for environmental education.






Protected species




AFASI is committed to a comprehensive education of the population for the protection of flora and fauna in Bolivia. We are convinced that the great rethinking in environmental issues in Bolivia must come from the young generation and can only be possible through appropriate environmental education.

AMA stands for "Academia de Medio Ambiente" and is our project for the future. With AMA we want to lay the foundation for a solid environmental education.


The academy should be a project for learning, researching and understanding the flora and fauna of the Bolivian tropics. As soon as we have the necessary funds, AFASI will provide an educational space where AMA workshops can take place.

  • Establish a new relationship of respect between people and the planet we live on through lectures and workshops.

  • Provide a platform for teachers with their students to hold workshops or courses on the impact on the environment (e.g. deforestation, indiscriminate burning, changing the course of rivers and streams, etc.).

  • Hold workshops on various topics after an excursion in ANIMAL PARK.

  • Encourage other institutions, foundations and associations to work together towards the goal of environmental education.

  • To provide, develop and maintain a digital library with information on flora and fauna of the Bolivian tropics (inputs are welcome!)

The basis of the AMA is already in place: a virtual library with a wealth of information about the flora and fauna of the Bolivian tropics. The digitally described fauna and environment can be experienced live in ANIMAL PARK. The library is not to be considered final and any help in its expansion is welcome.

Image by Waren Brasse

Support AFASI

The reason that the AMA is still in its infancy is - as so often - the lack of appropriate resources. Help us to turn our future project into the present.

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