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We are a foundation dedicated to the conservation and care of endangered flora and fauna. The Fundación Amigos de la Fauna Silvestre (AFASI) was founded in 2009 and is based in Santa Cruz - Bolivia. We work mainly in this department, with the dream that one day we will expand our horizons to other departments.




We are committed to helping wild, confiscated or voluntarily surrendered animals to live a better life in our Animal Sanctuary. We are committed to rescued wild animals that are resettled in a controlled way to their place of origin or to a similar place so that they can live in freedom.

Our goal is to be the best wildlife sanctuary in Bolivia and, why not, one of the best in all of South America. We want to offer our professional service not only in relation to endangered wildlife, but also to share our knowledge with other private and governmental organizations that deal with wildlife, in order to promote environmental education to the population of Bolivia.

Behind the AFASI Foundation are people who, day after day, with a lot of passion and patience, help us to get a little closer to our vision. 

The motivations that led us to create the foundation are many and varied. In terms of biodiversity, Bolivia is one of the richest countries in the world. Despite this excellent situation and the existence of numerous protected areas, there is a considerable need for protection for those populations that are threatened with extinction in the wild. Large areas of intact forests have fallen victim to deforestation, wetlands are threatened, and the vast biodiversity is endangered. Rare or endangered wildlife is smuggled in large quantities, especially from Santa Cruz to other countries. Urs Büchler considers and thought that these circumstances are not sustainable and decided to found AFASI in 2009.
After a five-year "battle" against bureaucracy, AFASI finally received its operating license in October 2014. AFASI was the first wildlife sanctuary in Bolivia to receive an operating license approved by the Bolivian Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAyA), meeting all necessary legal requirements. We are proud and excited to continue pioneering work in Bolivia.

We are a completely independent organization. We receive NO financial support from the Santa Cruz Governor's Office, the Mayor's Office or the State of Bolivia.

We appreciate all staff, supporters and volunteers who share our dedication to endangered wildlife and encourage everyone to become part of promoting AFASI's projects. We can't do it without you - thank you!


Animals do not belong in captivity, but in nature. We try to respond individually to the needs of the wild animals we take in. Some can be left to the wild habitat, while others find a home with us at the Animal Sanctuary that suits them as best as possible.


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